How to process orders?

Staff Confirm Order

  1. After the customer scans the barcode to place an order, the staff can open the Ainee Store application > Table Management > To Confirm, then click the table to view order details
  2. If the order status is “Waiting confirmation”, the staff needs to go to the customer’s desk to confirm the order,
    and at the same time, the dishes can be adjusted by

    “Edit Order”. If the dish cannot be made, it can be canceled by clicking “Cancel Order” after communicating with the customer.

  3. If the order item is confirmed, the staff needs to enter the item into the cashier system and click “Confirm Order”, then the order will immediately change to “To Be Paid”
  4. If the staff has confirmed the order, the customer can still continue to add the order by clicking “Add Dishes”. After the dish is added, the status of the order will change to “To Confirm”.
  5. If the status of an additional order has become “To Confirm”, staff can communicate with the customer and able to do:
    • “Confirm Order”. If the dish can be made, the staff must enter into the cashier system and click “Confirm Order”
    • “Edit Order”. If the order needs to be adjust, the staff can click “Edit Order” to edit the item of the order
    • ”Reject Dishes” If the order cannot be made, the staff can click “Reject Dishes” to cancel the addition of the order.

Staff Confirm Payment

  1. If the customer has finished payment at the cashier, open the Ainee Store application > Table Management > To Be Paid.
  2. Search for orders by table number, then open the order details and confirm the payment by clicking “Confirm Payment”.

After the staff performs “Accept Payment” for an order with “To Be Paid” status, then the table where the order is located will be set to empty. New customers can scan the code of the table’s QR code to place a new order.


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