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How to set up store menu?

After you have created the store, you can enter the Menu page, and each time you create a new store, the menu page will generate a store menu entry, as shown below:
There are two ways to add store menus: you can click Copy Menu button or Add Menu button (note that you need at least one created store menu first to be directly copied in other stores, and after copying, each store Menu changes still need to be maintained separately).
When click Add Menu button, you will enter the menu details page, as shown below, please create a category first and then create a dish.
You only need to fill in very simple fields (select the category of the dish, fill in the name of the dish, price) to complete the creation of the menu. The created menu page is as follows:
You can move up/down the dish category to sort directly, or unfold the dish in category to sort the dishes.
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